Do you have experience as a video editor or producer? Do you know how to distribute your work on video platforms like YouTube? You’ll be relieved to find that videos can be posted on any social networking platform. In reality, many video artists are using social media giants like Instagram to promote their work.

Because Instagram has already established itself as a popular platform for sharing visuals like videos and photos (with or without fun and exciting filters), adding it to your cause might be useful. But, with that in mind, how can you use Instagram to promote your video content?

It would be advantageous to your cause if you added to the webpage. But, with that in mind, how can you use Instagram to promote your video content and if you want to grow your channel then use best YouTube video promotion?

1. Take Advantage of Direct Message Groups

Instagram added a new tool last year that allows users to search for and join Instagram’s direct message (DM) groups. Members of these private groups will only upload content in niches that they are interested in. As an active member of a group, you’re expected to post new content and then message other members of the group to like and comment on the video. Simply ask your top influencers in that niche to join a DM group by sending them a message.

DM groups will be tasked with not just liking and commenting on your video post on Instagram, but also sharing the video to boost engagement in the original source: your video, according to YouTuber Nancy Badillo. Being a part of a DM group that is not just devoted to you but also to what you have to offer pays off big time (which is video content).

To join an Instagram DM group, follow these steps:

Tap the Message/Lightning Bolt icon on the right-hand side of your screen.

Then, in the Search field, type a topic or passion that you’re interested in. When you confirm, you’ll get a list of different profiles that fit under that category or activity.

When you click on an account’s name, you’ll be sent to the Messaging section of their Instagram account.

Then send them a simple message politely requesting to join their DM group. Make sure you’re able to identify yourself.

Let them know what you’re up to on Instagram (or what interests you). Also, express gratitude for taking the time to read your message

2. Use Account Tags

That Repost Videos That Are Identical to Yours If you see that a lot other Instagrammers who are similar to you are creating and uploading comparable content, make sure to tag them.

According to Social Media Examiner, tagging someone — or a company — on Instagram can be done in or on the image of your original post. As a result, you can tag a lot of accounts in that first post to boost the amount of buzz — and more buzz equals more promotion.

3. From their Instagram feed, send them to YouTube

Believe it or not, you can redirect viewers from Instagram to YouTube by placing a link in your Instagram bio. While editing your profile, you can update your bio by adding a link to it.

Amy Landino, who has over 65 thousand Instagram followers, is a great example. Her bio includes a link to her new YouTube video.

Similarly, why not enter if you’re a YouTuber?

If you’re a YouTuber, why not include a link to your channel in your Instagram bio? In your profile, you can link to your most recent video, your most popular video to date, or your whole YouTube channel.

4. Share promotional material on Instagram

Branded content has already proven to be a gold mine for many influencers, notably YouTubers. Look for sponsorships that are relevant to your speciality while promoting your videos on Instagram.

Marketing Mag suggests that you target your audience while looking for a sponsor (or sponsors) to help you with your content. Even if you allow people to repost it, make sure your logo is visible on the website so that credit for the original post goes to the correct person and increase your channel then take best YouTube video promotion.

5.Make it a habit to publish regularly

While it’s critical to post on a regular basis, it’s also critical to know when and how to post. To put it another way, you’ll need to schedule when you’ll promote your videos, just like you would your other activities.

As of May 2021, the following appears to be the consensus on the best posting times: Tuesdays, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., and Monday through Friday, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., according to Sprout Social.

While weekends are great for promoting videos, Sunday is typically considered the “worst day” to launch any content. As a result, looking at Instagram’s “Insights” section is preferred.

6. Employ the Use of Effective Hashtags

You can no longer use a huge number of hashtags without thinking about them. In fact, it’s crucial to use the RIGHT hashtags in the first place if you want your video marketing to be relevant rather than spammy.

According to Sprout Social, using one to three hashtags each post is the best practise. You’ll also need to select the most popular hashtags to ensure that your post is relevant to your niche. Doing one of the following is one of the best strategies to find the finest hashtags:

Examine the hashtags that your favourite Instagrammers (those with tens of thousands or millions of followers) frequently use in their images.

Type a topic, niche, or interest in the Search bar. Then press the “Tags” column in the search results. In the search results, find the ones that are most related to your video

7. Take advantage of IGTV and Stories

Make sure to post videos that are relevant to your niche, behind-the-scenes videos, or simply previews of upcoming YouTube videos on IGTV.

Remember to cross-promote your IGTV video by sharing it on Stories!

8.Incorporate video links into your narratives

Finally, in addition to a video link in your profile, you may put a video link in your bio.

in order to be eligible

To add a link to your story, click the chain link symbol in the top menu of your Story screen. Viewers can access the linked item by swiping up on your Instagram Story once you’ve added a link.


Finally, your Instagram presence will help you increase your YouTube channel. If you follow these eight tactics, you’ll be able to harness the power of Instagram to create content.

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