Over time, wallets for men and women become more attractive and more convenient: huge “shovels” are replaced by flat and compact card holder wallets made of silicone, wood and genuine leather.

Card holders and card cases are something so comfortable for using, especially leather card holders.


Even the most trendy men have reservations about whether they comprehend the differences between a wallet, pocketbook, and purse.

When folded, banknotes fit easily inside a wallet, which is a large, capacious item with multiple compartments and zipped pockets and usually has a single clasp. If you have thought all your life that this is a purse, then it’s time to correct this delusion. If you typically carry a lot of cash, leave substantial tips, or give your children pocket money, you’ll need a wallet – you don’t have to iron bills, but wrinkled, damaged, and dirty bills don’t add elegance.

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A briefcase, backpack, or bag should be used to transport the wallet. As a last resort, if its dimensions allow you to confuse the accessory with a clutch (they are still the closest relatives), you can carry it in your hands. But, please, don’t put it in your trouser pocket, partly out, yelling that its lucky owner has cash.

Purse and wallet

The purse, on the other hand, is a compact rectangular accessory with bills folded in half and no place for petty change. The emphasis is on plastic cards. In general, a wallet in form and functionality practically does not differ from a purse.Except that it can be zippered and has a compartment for small change. Because the purse is a more modest, classic, and status item, this is the case (apparently, the higher the status, the more obscene it is to wear a trifle). The wallet is less serious and formal, and can afford bright colors, patches and simple textiles.

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A wallet (if it lacks a compartment for small change) can lie in the back pocket of your trousers, however, if it is not very thick, you should not stuff it with banknotes to capacity. When you have change in your wallet, firstly, it becomes thicker and heavier and pulls your pockets away, and secondly, you will ring as you walk, like a machine in a casino.

A purse can technically be stuffed into a jeans pocket, but individuals who are aware of the complexities of style will regard this as blasphemy and philistinism. Keep this accessory in the inside pocket of your coat or jacket.

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Card holder

At first glance, a cardholder may seem like a useless accessory due to its small functionality. We believe it is the most important and, in some cases, the only viable financial choice.

Why are you in need of money? We can affirm from my experience that, with the exception of gratuities, we never spend cash from the word.

And you can easily fit a couple of bills in a card holder so as not to be considered a boor in Moscow establishments.

Advantage of a card holder

The main advantage of a card holder for us is that we can put it anywhere. The main advantage for designers is that the accessory, devoid of massiveness and bulkiness, can take any shape, color and texture. Many brands show their creativity to the world by working with small formats, so the choice of cardholders is huge – rectangular, round, square, lace around the neck, embroidered, appliqué and ad infinitum.

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You’ll be able to bring six to ten basic plastic cards with you (including a driver’s license, which is commonly used to sell goods to those over the age of 18). Cardholders come in different capacities, so calculate how much plastic you need to carry daily with you and buy.

Putting many cards into one compartment at the same time is not a good idea. When withdrawing a card from the compartment and not noticing that its neighbor has fallen out, you run the danger of injuring or losing one of them. If you can never say no to a friendly cashier who offers you a discount or accumulation card, obtain a separate large cardholder (based on the business card principle) and keep it in the car.

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