Are you looking for the best portable oxygen concentrators in India to provide long-term oxygen therapy?

This article will focus on the 4 best portable oxygen concentrators. You can find out more about their prices and where to buy them.


Philips Simply Go Mini 

  • It is one of the first portable concentrators we have. It’s the smallest model made by Philips Respironics. 
  • The 2.30 kg concentrator can deliver oxygen at a rate of 5 LPM. 
  • It has a pulse flow setting of 1-5. 
  • The concentrator has a battery backup that lasts 4.5 hours at two pulse settings. 
  • An additional battery can be charged for up to 9 hours. It is FAA-approved, which means that it can be carried in an aeroplane.


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Inogen G5 

  • It is a brand associated with the production of premium oxygen concentrators. 
  • They are therefore slightly more expensive in India. 
  • Inogen G5 is the latest addition to its brand. 
  • It’s an upgraded version of its portable oxygen concentrator models.
  • The machine weighs 2.16 Kg and can deliver oxygen at up to 6 pulse flow settings. 
  • The machine has a backup battery of 6.50 hours at two pulse settings. 
  • An additional battery can be purchased to add 13 hours of battery backup. 
  • It is superior to Philips Simply Go Mini in terms of flow settings, battery backup, and weight. 
  • The portable oxygen concentrator has also been approved by the FAA.


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SeQuel Eclipse 5

  • the most unique portable oxygen concentrator, can deliver more dose than any other. 
  • It can deliver oxygen at up to nine flow settings. It can also supply oxygen in continuous flow mode, at up to 3 LPM.
  • It is 8.30 Kgs in weight, making it difficult to transport while on the road. Because of its heavyweight, it can only be transported on a rolling cart. 
  • It has a backup battery life of up to 5.40 hours. 
  • It is lighter than other machines, but it has the highest oxygen output.


Philips Simply Go 

  • There are very few portable oxygen concentrators in the world that can deliver oxygen in pulse or continuous flow modes. Philips Simply Go is one such company. 
  • It is 4.50 kgs in weight and can supply oxygen in pulse mode from 1-6 flow settings to up to 2 LPM continuous mode. 
  • Most portable oxygen concentrators have an external filter that needs to be cleaned regularly. However, Philips SimplyGo has filters that can be fitted inside. 
  • It is India’s best portable oxygen concentrator because of these features.
  • The FAA has approved the machine for battery backup of up to 3 hours at 2 pulse settings.


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This concludes this article. You can find out more about them in the Best Portable Oxygen Concentrators in India.


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