Oldest world – best describes Armenia. Because there are many old temples here, and the magnificent civilization of the state of Urartu remains a mystery and inspires scientists, this country was the first to adopt Christianity. Armenia is home to a thousand-year observatory, mountain settlements whose buildings were built only a few hundred years ago, and stronghold ruins.

And also very hospitable people live here, tourist tours are very cheap, accommodation for the night too. We recommend that visitors to Armenia convert totally to local cuisine during their vacation. We promise you have never eaten such delicious food anywhere! And there is also the freshest baked lavash, duduk, famous brandy, and wine for you.

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For traveling the whole country without any problem- rent a car. Armenia is a small country, so car rental in Armenia will be the best solution. You can rent a car for your whole family or friends, however, you would like to travel. So let’s check out some beautiful places to visit in Armenia by car.


Matenadaran, a remarkable repository of ancient texts, is located in Yerevan. Climb the mountain along Mashtots Avenue to visit this edifice and its exhibitions. Near the entrance, you will be greeted by sculptures depicting Mesrop Mashtots, the creator of Armenian writing and his disciple. Today Matenadaran is the largest repository of ancient Armenian manuscripts on the planet, although earlier the collection was plundered several times.

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Observatory Karahunj (Zorats-Karer)

At first glance, this appears to be nothing more than a collection of stones arranged in an unintelligible to modern eyes yet well-traced arrangement. Zorats-Karer has been identified as an observatory by scientists. It is situated near the city of Sisian on a hilly plateau. Many standing stones, some with holes, may be found in the complex. Archeologists discovered tombs, a livestock corral, and a unique stone structure that allows you to watch the Sun and Moon.

Church of St. Hripsime

The distinctive style of the church in Vagharshapat, which was built in the 17th century, continues to draw travelers. The Church of St. Hripsime has a powerful and graceful appearance, as well as a regal and serene demeanor. The building of the church is linked to a narrative of Christian girls fleeing Rome who was slaughtered here by the local king, who later repented, was baptized, and erected this remarkable church named after one of the victims.

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Republic Square in Yerevan

The architecture of Republic Square was created in 1958, it is formed by five buildings located here: the Central Post Office building, the National Historical Museum of Armenia, the Ministry of Energy of the country, the Government of Armenia, and the “Marriott Armenia” hotel. It’s worth noting that all of the structures are built of pouf and form one architectural ensemble. We advise you to visit the square in the evening, when the singing fountain turns on here, changing the illumination.

As already said, the square was formerly known as Lenin square. It’s because there once stood the statue of Lenin, who was a Russian Marxist revolutionary, intellectual, and politician who led the October Revolution of 1917. The statue was sculpted by prominent Soviet artist Sergei Merkur. It was placed in the southern part of the oval square. The statue’s hand was slightly stretched forward, which gave the feeling of purpose and movement as if making a step to the future.

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The statue was unveiled on November 29, 1940, that is on the 20th anniversary of Soviet Armenia. It rose on a pedestal made of polished granite. It was designed by architects Natalia Peremuzova and Levon Vartanov. On the whole, this statue was considered one of the best Lenin statues due to the detailed work and the location, which provided good lighting to the statue at any time of the day.

The statue cannot be found there anymore. After Armenia regained its independence, the statue was removed, unfortunately, the pedestal as well. It now lies in the courtyard of the National History Museum. Upon request, visitors might be shown it. Presently, on the place where there once used to be the statue of Lenin is a large TV screen.

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Republic Square Singing Fountains

The Republic Square gets especially crowded in the evenings, particularly within the period between early spring and late fall. It’s during this period that the singing fountains, initially designed by engineer and scientist Abram Abramyan, operated and perform a light show right in front of the Art Gallery and History Museum. The program features classical music, contemporary jazz, pop, and rock.

The show usually starts at 9 pm or 10 pm and lasts until 11 pm. Both the fountains and their colors change according to the rhythm of the song or the music played. The water streams, in their turn, change their shapes. The show is entertaining and worth to be visited.

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Armenia is an amazing county full of incredible people, delicious food, and perfect nature.

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