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have been many unexpected results in the history of the German football championship. The championship was especially rich in them in the 2000s. By the way, on the bitcoin betting site you can follow all the current confrontations in the Bundesliga and make money on them.

So, the main sensations of that time include the champion title of Werder Bremen in 2004. Moreover, we will pay special attention not so much to the very fact of winning the title but to the main star of that team, Ailton. The Brazilian, who by that time had already played for 5 years at the club, managed to give out his best season. He scored 28 goals and helped the team finish in the first position.

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Now on the bitcoin betting site1xBit, users can follow the current success of Werder Bremen. They are much more modest than they were in the 2000s.

So, as for Ailton, the forward stood out not only with excellent performance but also with obvious excess weight. Despite this, he managed to bypass everyone on the list of scorers. The Brazilian made an attacking duet with Miroslav Klose and entered the history of the Bundesliga forever.

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On the proven bookmaker platform, you can not only follow the confrontations of Werder Bremen. In the section at you will find exciting drawings and prizes. So, as for Ailton, the following factors helped him become the top scorer:

  1. Strong physique. Often he simply pushed the opponents away from the ball. Thanks to his size, Ailton could compete with almost any opponent.
  2. Excellent teamwork. Here we’d mention Klose, as well as Frings and many other Werder Bremen stars of that time.
  3. Ability to choose a right position. The Brazilian was often in the right place.
  4. Well delivered hits.
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Ailton not only became the best scorer in the Bundesliga and managed to win the Silver Bowl with his team, he also became the first foreigner who could become the footballer of the year in Germany.

It is all the more bitter that immediately after the championship season, his career went downhill. The forward was already over 30 and was getting more and more overweight. In such conditions, he sank lower and lower and tried his hand at the Chinese championship or in the lower leagues of German football.

However, despite this, Ailton will forever remain in the history of Werder Bremen. And now on 1xBit you can follow the current matches of this team and convert your knowledge of certain confrontations into new winnings.

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