watering principles

Gun fogger portable sprayer heps you water flowers. The principles of watering are generally dry thoroughly, see dry and see wet, alternate between dry and wet, rather dry than wet, and rather wet than dry. Dry-through watering refers to watering after the pot soil is completely dry, until a small amount of water seeps out from the bottom of the pot. Drying and watering is generally suitable for flowers that are resistant to drought and waterlogging, such as aloe vera, tiger tail orchid, agave, and many succulents.


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Seeing dry and seeing wet refers to watering when the surface of the pot soil is dry. And a small amount of water seeps out when poured to the bottom of the pot. Seeing wet and watering through means the same. Seeing the dry and seeing the wet is generally suitable for flowers that like water and fear drought, such as glass emerald, Milan, periwinkle, etc.

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Rather dry than wet is suitable for desert plants that are particularly drought-tolerant, such as golden amber and cactus. This type of plant is particularly afraid of standing water, which can easily rot its roots. So you should be sure to wait until the soil is completely dry before watering and use gun fogger portable sprayer to water it thoroughly .

It’s better to be dry than wet and to have a longer time between watering than dry. Wet rather than dry is suitable for plants that are half-water and half-soil, such as copper buckwheat. These plants are particularly afraid of drought, so they should be watered frequently to keep the pot soil moist.

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There is another kind of alternating dry and wet. Alternation of dry and wet is between dry and wet. Generally, you water flowers with portable usb rechargeable sprayer when the basin soil is basically dry. But there is still a trace of moisture. It is not completely dry.

The advantage of this method is that the flowers will not rot their roots due to long-term moist soil and poor breathing, nor will they wilt due to long-term drought. The disadvantage is that it is not easy to master the time. It is also necessary to find out the habits of different flowers in long-term flower cultivation practice before using. In my flower cultivation practice, many flowers are watered by this method, such as Clivia, Lulu, Emerald, White Palm, Dripping Guanyin, Crab Claw Orchid, False Epiphyllum, Yemen Iron, Chlorophytum and so on.

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