Latest News: Justin Bieber has facial paralysis, celebrities are praying for him

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The celebrities and fans are praying for his recovery soon after he posted his image on social media. The news has become viral, and all the fans and celebrities try to reach him by various means. 

Recently, he posted a video about the cancellation of his world tour for the release of his album“justice,” which disappointed and worried his fans greatly. Apart from his fans, the other celebrities also reacted to his post on social media. 

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Justin Bieber is a popular figure in pop singing. He created a sensation through his pop singing and conducted several successful live programs worldwide. Recently, he released a video asking his fans to pray for his recovery from a rare type of neurological syndrome.


The particular syndrome causes facial paralysis and this particular syndrome because partial facial paralysis is referred to as “Ramsay Hunt syndrome.”

He states that the syndrome affects his routine to a greater extent. even states that he finds eating difficult, which makes him more frustrating. He wrote on his Instagram stories last Friday about this syndrome and tagged the story with a teary-eyed emoji symbol. 

Justin Bieber shared in his story that a virus causes the syndrome. It attacks the nerves of the ear and gradually attacks the facial nerves, causing this syndrome. He finds it difficult to smile and states that he is going to take a rest in the meantime to come out with full energy and force. 

Know about Ramsay Hunt Syndrome:

The latest celebrity news today about Justin Bieber had made everyone shocked hearing about the Ramsay Hunt Syndrome. Robinhood News gives a detailed report about the syndrome for better understanding. 

It is a viral infection, and the virus is responsible for chickenpox causing nerve disorder. The the syndrome occurs when a shingles outbreak affects the facial nerves near one of the ears of the affected individual. Apart from painful shingles, the syndrome also causes facial paralysis and

leads to hearing loss in the affected ear. 

The virus responsible for chickenpox stays in the nerves, reacts to preferable conditions, and affects the facial nerves. It causes further complications such as permanent facial muscle weakness and also causes deafness. 

Symptoms of Ramsay Hunt Syndrome:

The specific syndrome is identified with the following signs and symptoms, and it includes

  •  A painful rash with fluid-filled blisters in and around the ear region
  •  Facial weakness or paralysis that occurs on the same side of the affected ear
  •  Pain in the ear
  • Loss of hearing sensation
  •  Ringing in the ears/tinnitus
  •  Difficulty in closing the affected eye
  •  A change in taste perception or even loss of taste in a severe condition
  • Dry mouth and dry eyes 

Contact the doctor immediately soon after noticing the symptoms of the specific syndrome to get prevention from further long-term complications. 

Justin Bieber under treatment:

The latest celebrity news today of Robinhood News states that the pop sensation Justin Bieber is under treatment for his disorder. The prayers of his fans and other celebrities help him overcome the disorder, and he will come back with enhanced energy and efficiency to rock the pop.


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