These days there are two main ways in which gamblers can play slots online, something that accounts for well over 75% of all slot gambling revenue. Oh yes, it seems as though land-based slot gambling is a thing of the past, and there is no surprise when you think about the ease at which you can play online slots. But here’s the thing: what is the best way to play slots no deposit online? The two main ways are mobile slots and classic desktop slots; keep reading for a look at which one comes up on top.

Classic desktop online slots: A summary

Classic desktop online slots have been around since the very beginning of the 21st century and were a natural evolution on the video slots that first came to prominence in the early 80s. Eyecon’s Temple of Isis is widely recognised to be the first commercially successful online slot ever made, and it set the scene for thousands of other games to be released.

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The invention of classic desktop online slots is also perhaps the most important moment in the history of slot gambling since Charles D. Fey’s Liberty Bell. These games allowed people to gamble on slots over the Internet for the first time, and pave the way for the incredible growth of the slots industry that has happened ever since.

All about mobile slots

Although the idea for mobile slots was there at around about the same time as the invention of desktop slots, it took a little longer for these things to come into existence. In the early days, the absence of viable technology was something that kept mobile slots back, however, in the late 2000s, the arrival of smartphones and HTML5 technology gave a massive boost.

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These days people spend by far the most time on their mobile phones, and this has naturally led to the crazy popularity of mobile slots. Indeed, the number of mobile slot gambling greatly outnumbers the number of desktop slot players, which is evidence of the success of the mobile slots world.

Advantages of mobile slots over classic desktop slots

As we said previously, nowadays mobile slots are a lot more popular than desktop slots, something that can be explained via several different reasons. Keep reading for a few of the main advantages of it over classic desktop slots:

  • Much more practical: You would have a tough time moving your desktop computer or even laptop around with you everywhere you go, but with mobile slots that isn’t much of a problem. Most people have their mobile phones with them at pretty much all times, and this is a massive advantage of mobile slots.
  • Touch screen playability: With desktop slots, all you have to control the action on the screen is a mouse and keyboard, but with modern mobile slots you have a whole touch screen! As a result, it can be much more fun and immersive experience, especially when developers tailor their games to incorporate the functionality of a whole touch screen.
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