What Are The 5 Home-Based Printer Brands To Consider

During the worldwide pandemic health crisis, most of the employees are working from the comfort of their homes. Due to this reason, the demand for home printers has increased. It is not always practical to visit your local cafe for printing essential paperwork. Therefore, having a printer at home can add convenience, saving much of your cost. You can print any document instantly when you have a printer in your home.

Regarding printing capacity and efficiency, used photocopier are divided into office and home printers. Copylineuae.ae printers are designed for offering high output in the workplace, while home printers are made for meeting moderate printing requirements.

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Office printers are slightly different from home printers. For instance, office printers come with features like faxing, hard drives, document feeders, and duplex printing. Few printers can bind the documents with staples.

On the contrary, home printers have memory card slots, link tanks, and USB sticks. Additionally, it does not support ethernet and runs on wifi.

Size And Speed

If you consider the size of the home printers, no doubt office printers are the clear winner. It is undoubtedly larger than home printers, making them more expensive than others. Besides, when comparing the speed, office printers can certainly offer high printing speeds.

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On the other hand, home printers are small in size as they are crafted for lightweight production. On home printers, you can only print A4 size documents.

You need to consider a few quality traits when purchasing among the best printers for your home. In this post, you will come across some popular brands for home printers which you can consider to choose:


Sharp has been producing multifunctional printers for a long time. It offers numerous benefits. It can be beneficial as a home printer. It is featured with various advantages and functions that will help streamline your work’s efficiency. It is a wise choice for many experts.

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The design for sharp printers saves a considerable amount of space. Quick printers have less maintenance cost. When you buy fast printers, you get the support of maintenance services.

When you finally own a brand-new printing machine of sharp, you get to enjoy a wide range of support and maintenance work. From installation to repairing assistance, you will get all the required support from them. The company makes sure that your printer runs smoothly and provides you with the support you need. If you plan to replace your printer, Sharp will help you make that switch as smooth as possible.


Just like many top brands, the company was founded in Tokyo. Ricoh has been providing printing solutions for many years. At first, the company was involved in producing cameras. In 1955, the company manufactured its first printer.

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Nowadays, it is one of the reputed printer developers and active in over 190 countries. The company has a considerable workforce all over the world. Apart from manufacturing printers, it also makes user-friendly document management software, whiteboards and high-quality cameras.

The company offers a wide variety of computer home printers with elementary functions reasonably priced. Most of the printers will print up to 21 pages every minute. Ricoh printers allow you to scan and print.

The company has a good progress report of performance. Ricoh was one of the only printer brands among the 100 most well-reputed companies for the 10the time. Their hard work has provided them success and helped them receive awards from various sources.

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After installing the machine, you will need to manage your printer and photocopier through an ecommerce website. The technician comes to the customer’s doorstep after one hour of business call. Here at Ricoh, you will get a few manual tutorial videos so that you can become capable of resolving your problem.


Taskalfa is a world-renowned printer making company that helps to deliver excellent performance and best reliability. These printers offer innovative colour options and business revolutionising software, which provide numerous benefits.

A high durable printer can minimise the total cost while offering standard image quality and high productivity based on your business needs.


The company works hard to raise the standard for excellence for offering the best services and products: Some of the few features while working with Taskalfa are:

  • Lower maintenance cost
  • Easy to use interface
  • Devices are environmental
  • Unmatched performance
  • Provides high-quality results
  • User reliability

Taskalfa printer provide unparalleled performance in image quality document imaging. It is equipped with unique technology that helps to support environmental sustainability. The printer manufactured by Taskalfa consumes much less energy and saves much of your electric bill. It can fasten the workforce and administrative work.


Konica printers are usually suitable, and they should be on the first list when it comes to choosing the ideal printers for home. In this world, technology is changing each year which helps to make your life a lot easier. And the designers of Konica printers believe this. They make the product so that users will not need any manuals to operate it even if they are using it for the first time. As a result, those who are not technological wizards can quickly scan, print, and replicate via a user-friendly interface. Some of the few features that you can get are:

  • Easy to use interface
  • Customisation option
  • Allows you to print from a wide range of devices
  • Easy controls and interface.
  • Easy scanning option
  • Cloud printing
  • Easy PDF conversion.
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Canon is one of the leading companies that offer photocopier for sale. It provides a user-friendly experience and excellent performance. It means that employees will know the function in no time. With canon printers, your workers will not face any issues. However, if you need maintenance service, you can call one of their technicians to check the issue. The customer service from Canon is just excellent. If you confront a problem and cannot find the answer in the user manual, you can talk with the customer service manager.

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