What did the crown of oak leaves symbolize?​

The crown of oak leaves symbolizes heroism. Germania wore the crown of oak leaves because it represents heroism. It was the symbol of courage and bravery of the German people, who were dominated by foreign forces. In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, artists incarnated the nation and fundamental values of liberty, truth, and justice using female idols(also called female allegories).

Germany’s allegory was Germania(a female allegory) used to wear the crown of oak leaves that was the emblem of heroism. The nation was personified by the female allegories that artists crafted in the nineteenth century.

Marianne was a christened female allegory in France who italicized the idea of people’s nation. Her idol was crafted with the red cap, the tri-color, and the cockade, indicating liberty and republic. The images of Marianne were marked with stamps and coins. Tall statues of Marianne were erected between the public squares to hog everyone’s memory as the national symbol of unity.

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Different elements in allegory personify distinct personality

  • The crown of oak leaves symbolizes heroism.
  • The sword represents readiness to fight.
  • The olive branch on the sword represents the willingness to make peace.
  • Starting, the new era was represented by rays of the rising sun.
  • The strength of germans was represented by the breastplate with an eagle.
  • Broken chains represent being free from all the miseries.

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