colbertlateshow/shutdown mug trendy coffee cup help feed a laid-off federal employee. That’s the deal host Stephen Colbert announced on the Late Show in his last episode . He began by noting that celebrity chef Jose Andres in Washington, D.C. opened a relief kitchen to feed furloughed government employees and anyone else in need of a free meal, totalling up to 200,000 meals per day.

Colbert then played footage of a joke from the Wednesday night show, in which he pointed to President Trump’s order that thousands of federal employees return to their jobs without pay. Colbert then displayed what he called a “closed coffee mug”, emblazoned with the words “Don’t even chat to me till I get my paycheck,” then commented, “Can we sell this?”

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“So we’re selling them,” Colbert said Thursday after playing Wednesday’s footage. Get a mug! Go to to get one. 100% of profits from The Late Show benefit World Central Kitchen to help José Andrés’ team feed federal employees during the shutdown.

The mugs are $14.99 each plus shipping.

What Is A Late Show With Stephen Colbert Is About

What Is A Late Show and Colbertlateshow_Shutdown Mug

The 2020 coronavirus pandemic should have proved deadly for late-night television, a genre that relies heavily on the connection between the comedic host and the live audience. With filming restrictions in New York, Stephen Colbert decided to move his CBS Late Show production to his house outside of Charleston, South Carolina.

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The result was a temporary but remarkably successful transformation of the late-night television model by an anchor inviting us into his home, rather than his typically reassuring attendance in our living rooms and rooms. But the achievement of The Late Show’s transformation was a product of more than just these spatial changes. Amidst the suffering of a global pandemic, a public weary of police violence against African-Americans, and a morally despicable president fighting for his political life, Colbert’s genuine and sincere ethical nature provided a nightly balm that left the nation in awe. Colbert’s justified anger at politicians putting themselves above the common good may have put off some listeners.

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Still, for others his humanity, kindness, and gentle spirit offered the kind of national guiding voice of yesteryear, one that reminded us that despite of our very real and immediate challenges that we would and would endure as a nation—much-needed ferment. The Late Show with Stephen Colbert succeeds a Peabody for combining comedy with genuine goodness in one of our darkest hours.

Who is Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert is an American humorist, writer, producer, actor and television host from Washington D.C.

Colbert is best known for hosting the Funniness Central satirical show The Colbert Report, and his best talk show The Late Show with is hosted by Stephen Colbert from 2005 to 2014.

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Early life

On May 13, 1964, Stephen Colbert was born in Washington D.C. born.

Colbert is the son of Lorna and James William Colbert Jr. He was the youngest of eleven siblings James, Edward, Mary, William, Margo, Thomas, Jay, Elizabeth, Paul, Peter and Stephen.

In 1974, after he was ten years old, his father and two brothers died in a plane bang. His mother moved the personal to Charleston, where he attended Porter-Gaud Episcopal School.


Colbert started his career in 1988 by taking some free improvisation courses.

He left Second City in 1995 and moved to New York to work with Sedaris and Dinello to create Exit 57, a television comedy show. Although the series received positive reviews, it only lasted 12 episodes.

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What is Stephen Colbert’s net worth?

Net Worth:$75 Million
Born:May 13, 1964
Country of Origin:United States of America
Source of Wealth:Professional Actor/Comedian
Last Updated:2021

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